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Sanchez and the Jets beat the Brady and the Pats

The J-E-T-S do it again!

The Jets, behind Mark Sanchez, upset the Patriots  after upsetting the Texans last week.  The Jets simply outplayed the Pats and perhaps we are witnessing a changing of the guard in the AFC East although it is still a bit premature.  For the second straight week the Pats played a close game but Brady couldn’t deliver the magic this week.

 Sanchez and the Jets beat the Brady and the Pats

Brady was harrassed by the Jets all day long and could never get into a rhythm.

The Jets harassed him all game long making him uncomfortable in the pocket and forcing early and errant throws.  Although they didn’t sack him the constant pressure lead to a 49% completion percentage for Brady.  Now compare this game to the last time the Pats lost with Brady at quarterback, the Super Bowl, and you see the same thing.  If you pressure Brady he’s not the same quarterback.  He didn’t look it in the Super Bowl and didn’t yesterday as well.

It’s clear the Pats defense isn’t the same as well.  Guys like Harrison, Bruschi, and Vrabel they could have done without because their play was declining but they really miss Jerod Mayo and Richard Seymour.  Everyone was praising the Pats for the Seymour trade but it hasn’t looked so smart so far.  In the future it may pay off but the Pats are feeling his loss right now.  They felt comfortable getting rid of guys like Vrabel and Bruschi because of young studs of Mayo but his injury has put their depth to the test and they could use their veteran experience.

You have to give credit to Rex Ryan and the defense.  Ryan out schemed the Pats and the defensive payed phenomenal.  Ryan talked a big game in off season and leading up to the game but he backed it up and you got to love that.  Through the first two games of the year they have not allowed an offensive touchdown.  Pretty darn impressive considering they have played two of the top offenses in the league in Houston and New England.  Kris Jenkins is clogging up the middle allowing David Harris and Bart Scott to roam free and make plays.

The other stud on the defense in corner back Darrelle Revis.  Revis shadowed Moss all day and held him in check only allowing him 4 catches and 24 yards while intercepting a Brady pass.  This comes one week after holding Andre Johnson to 4 catches and 35 yards.  Those are two of the top three receivers in the league and combined he held them to 8 catches and 59 yards.  Compare that to what Johnson and Moss have done in their other games which accumulates to 22 catches and 290 yards.  Flat out Revis is the best corner in the game.  He’s better than Nnamdi Asomugha, better than Charles Woodson, you get the point.  He is a true shutdown corner and as good as Champ Bailey was a few years back.

You also have to give a lot of credit to Mark Sanchez.  The rookie has come in with tons of pressure and an insane amount of media hype and all he’s done is exceed those expectations.  He is playing like a seasoned veteran right now.  After a first half which only saw him throw for 15 yards he comes out and throws for 148 and a score and could have had another if Chansi Stuckey had not tipped in the end zone.  But there was one play that really impressed me by Sanchez.  On a 3rd and 3 with 2:35 seconds remaining the Jets ran a pass trying to ice the game and Sanchez rolled right.  He didn’t see much at first and was able to force the ball in their but rather decided against it and took a sack.  You don’t see rookie quarterbacks make that decision but Sanchez has the mind of veteran and took the sack, which kept the clock running and the ball in the Jets hands.

The final series for the Pats really showed why I like Rex Ryan so much.  The Pats completed their first pass for 18 yards to get to the Jet 28 and at the point, I’m sure all Jets like myself were expecting a classic Brady drive to send it into overtime, the Jets didn’t change their strategy and go into a prevent defense only rushing three or four.  They stuck with what had worked for them the entire game.  They were sending five and six and on the final fourth down play they sent seven at Bray leaving only four in coverage.  Now if Eric Mangini were still coach there is no doubt in my mind that he would have played a prevent defense and the Pats would have scored.  If you don’t believe me that’s exactly what he did last year against the Pats which led to a last second touchdown but luckily the Jets won in o.t.  That’s the difference between Rex Ryan and Eric Mangini.  Ryan has some balls while Mangini has a Mangina.  I feel bad for you Cleveland, I really do.

pixel Sanchez and the Jets beat the Brady and the Pats
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