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2011 NFL Week 3: Picks Against the Spread

bradystafford 2011 NFL Week 3: Picks Against the Spread

NFL Week 3 is almost here so that means its time for our NFL Week 3 Picks Against the Spread.

Through just two weeks of the season, we already have seen a lot play out. Let’s look back to just a few weeks ago.

Remember when before the season started, everyone was saying to expect offenses to be sloppy throughout September because they didn’t have enough offseason practice together because of the NFL Lockout. Yeah, about that. Maybe it was a typo and they meant defenses? I don’t think so. Through two weeks there has been, 172 total TDs, 1,502 points, and 15,771 net passing yards.  All of those numbers are the most through 2 weeks of any season in NFL history.

It just goes to prove the NFL Lockout had absolutely no effect on the product were seeing. Rookies were supposed to suffer because they didn’t have OTAs and minicamps. Yet Cam Newton has the second most passing yards in history through two weeks and Andy Dalton is slinging it in Cincinnati. Teams with new coaching staffs were supposed to be a mess. Though only one team with a new coach (out of 6) is 0-2 (Ron Rivera; Carolina).

Week 2 Recap: I had an average week going 7-8-1 against the spread. That puts me at an even 15-15-2 through two weeks. I would have had the same odds if I flipped a coin!

Home teams are in CAPS. Feel free to mock my picks the comments or challenge me by posting your own picks. The lines are courtesy of Betus.com

Note: This website does not promote or advocate gambling. This is solely for entertainment purposes.

CINCINNATI BENGALS (-1.5) over the San Francisco 49ers

It’s been a rough year for gingers. First, an NFL coach questioned whether redheads could play quarterback and now the world’s largest sperm bank is denying redheads. Back to that first item. Andy Dalton is proving the naysayers wrong. Lost in the hype about Cam Newton, Dalton’s strong play is going largely unnoticed. He will get his due after the Bengals take down the 49ers, who are coming off an emotional loss and now have to travel to the east coast for a 1 p.m. start.

New England Patriots (-7) over the BUFFALO BILLS

I feel bad for Bills fans. There is finally something to cheer about, only it’s just a matter of time before the team moves to Canada.

Houston Texans (+4.5) over the NEW ORLEANS SAINTS

No one is talking about the work Wade Phillips has done with this Texans pass dense. Last year they dead last in the league in were one of the 10 worst pass defenses of all-time. Through two games they are first in the league in yards against and second in yards per attempt. That’s an amazing turnaround. It’s even more impressive considering the fact that there has been a record amount of passing yards, points scored, and total touchdowns through two weeks.

PHILADELPHIA EAGLES (-7.5) over the New York Giants

I’ll update this pick when we know if Vick will play.

CLEVELAND BROWNS (+1.5) over the Miami Dolphins

I feel sorry for anyone that has to watch this game.

Denver Broncos (+7) over the TENNESSEE TITANS

The Titans are a great example of why the NFL is a week-to-week league. In Week 1 they lost to the Jaguars, who have now benched their quarterback, and then went out in Week 2 and dominated the Ravens, who looked like a Super Bowl favorite. Now, they’re 6.5 favorites against a team that they should be 3 point favorites against. Take the points.

MINNESOTA VIKINGS (+4.5) over the Detroit Lions

The Lions have come a long way. They are now favored on the road against the division rival Vikings. It’s been a long time. 30 years long. Muhammad Ali was still fighting the last time the Lions were favored on the road in Minnesota. I’m drinking the Lions kool-aid, but not this week. I have to believe the Minnesota Adrian Peterson’s can cover at home.

Jacksonville Jaguars (+4.5) over the CAROLINA PANTHERS

Cam Newton is getting all the press right now, but what about their running game. Mainly, the guy they broke the bank for in the offseason when they handed DeAngelo Williams a five-year $43 million contract. How’s he doing so far? He has 43 yards though 2 games. 1 yard per every $1 million they spent on him. Good investment Carolina.

SAN DIEGO CHARGERS (-14) over the Kansas City Chiefs

They couldn’t make this line high enough. If the Chiefs could only score 10 points in their first two games combined, how many will they score against the Chargers without Jamaal Charles? Fast forward a few months and Todd Haley will be unemployed and the Chiefs will be debating whether they should draft Andrew Luck or not.

New York Jets (-3) over the OAKLAND RAIDERS

Baltimore Ravens (-4.5) over the ST. LOUIS RAMS

The Rams are in serious trouble. If they lose game they fall to 0-3. Then their next four games are against the Packers, Cowboys, Saints, Redskins. They could be staring at 0-7 as they head to Arizona. The best part is though, they would still be in the division race. We thought the NFC West would get a little better this year, but it hasn’t. Looks like it’s first to seven, maybe eight wins again.

TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS (PK) over the Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons made a big splash during the draft trading up to draft Julio Jones. So far the move hasn’t worked out. I don’t know if Matt Ryan is trying to get the rookie’s confidence going or if the front office is telling him to throw it to Julio, but it’s like he forgot he had Roddy White. Through two games, Jones only has 4 less targets than White. This is a rookie and a guy who caught 115 passes last season! If the Falcons want to win, they need to pass the ball to Roddy.

SEATTLE SEAHAWKS (+3.5) over the Arizona Cardinals

The Seahawks have looked like one of the worst, if not the worst, teams so far this season. However, they haven’t played at Qwest Field yet. They are a different team at home, just watch last year’s playoff game to refresh your memory. Gotta love the home dog. On another note, this will show you how bad things are for the Seahawks.  In the 2009 NFL Draft, the Seahawks selected Aaron Curry. The guy was considered to be the safest pick of the draft and when the Seahawks got him at #4 many experts considered it the best pick of the draft. Two years later and he’s lost his starting job to a fourth round rookie.

Green Bay Packers (-4.5) over the CHICAGO BEARS

Right now the Bears look like a team that could go either way. Their defense could return to its dominating way, Devin Hester could be a lethal weapon on special teams, and Jay Cutler protects the football propelling the team to a 10-6 record, earning a wild-card berth. Or it could go the other way. The offensive line implodes, Jay Cutler becomes a rag doll, the defense shows its age and the Bears limp to a 6-10 finish. I can see either happening, but right now, I’d bet on 6-10.

Pittsburgh Steelers (-11.5) over the INDIANAPOLIS COLTS

NBC has to be pissed that this is their Sunday night game. I’m sure they didn’t envision the home team being an 11.5 point underdog when they decided on this game. While Peyton Manning’s injury can be to blame, some of the blame also falls on the Indianapolis Colts. They had to have known that Manning’s injury was way more serious than anyone was letting one, yet they covered the whole thing up. They had everyone going up until right before Week 1, then they drop a bombshell. They really should have been more up front about it, mainly so next time I don’t blow a fifth round pick on Manning in my fantasy draft.

Washington Redskins (+5) over the DALLAS COWBOYS

I’ll update this pick when we know Tony Romo’s status.

Last Week: 7-8-1

Year-to-Date: 15-15-2

Suicide Pool Pick of the Week:

Pittsburgh Steelers over the Indianapolis Colts

Teams Used: San Diego Chargers, New York Jets

pixel 2011 NFL Week 3: Picks Against the Spread
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