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NFL Quick Slants 2/6: Super Bowl Edition II

nfl capers1 NFL Quick Slants 2/6: Super Bowl Edition II

Since it’s Super Bowl Sunday, were doing a double dose of NFL Quick Slants to get you ready for the big game. If you would like to see a link here, send an email to chris@cippinonsports.com

  • The evolution of the zone blitz. A great read. (Smart Football)
  • If filmmakers directed the Super Bowl. (Slate)
  • The two Super Bowl teams differ on safety issues. (NY Times)
  • The best Super Bowl food recipes. (SB Nation)
  • 10 Things to watch on Super Bowl Sunday. (Peter King)
  • A Super Bowl Mailbag. A Super Bag. (Bill Simmons)
  • Some easy prop bets to take advantage of. (Cousin Sal)
  • How Brett Favre aided in the Packers Super Bowl run. (Adam Schefter)
  • 10 types of fans at Super Bowl Parties. (SportsPickle)

NFL Quick Slants 2/6: Super Bowl Edition

nfl u roethlisbergerb1 576 NFL Quick Slants 2/6: Super Bowl Edition

Get ready for a Super Bowl XLV heavy version of NFL Quick Slants. If you want to see a link here, send an email to chris@cippinonsports.com.

  • Whose taking home the Lombardi Trophy and 5 Things I Think I Think. (Peter King)
  • Super Bowl XLV preview from the leader innovate football statistics. They like the packers. (Football Outsiders)
  • Another Super Bowl XLV. Again stat heavy. Only they like the Steelers. (Cold Hard Football Facts)
  • Yet another Super Bowl XLV preview. This one is much different from the rest though. (The Onion)
  • Is the Pro Football Hall of Fame selection process a joke and who should make the cut this year. (Jason Whitlock)
  • 10 ideas to make the Super Bowl bigger and better than it already is. (Maxim)
  • The truth about what goes down during Super Bowl Week. (Deadspin)

NFL Quick Slants: 2/4

concussions hines ward 628x434 NFL Quick Slants: 2/4

What’s going on around the web? Check out these football related articles to keep up with the latest. If you want to see a link here, send an email to chris@cippinonsports.com.

  • The Steelers just keep grooming linebackers. (NY Times)
  • Why one reporter is flying home from Dallas to watch the Super Bowl. (CNBC)
  • Interview with 8 NFLers about concussions and new league rules. (GQ)
  • The Packers and Steelers have taken similar approaches to winning. (Michael Lombardi)
  • Madden NFL 11 predicts this year’s Super Bowl. (USA Today)
  • A gambling revolution that is sweeping Vegas off its feet. (Yahoo! Sports)
  • The History of Super Bowl Squares. (Simon on Sports)

NFL Quick Slants: 2/2

Catch up on the latest football news by checking out these links. If you want to see a link in this space send an email to chris@cippinonsports.com


NFL Quick Slants: 2/1

nfl a mvick3 668 NFL Quick Slants: 2/1

Get caught up on what’s going on in the great sport of football by seeing what’s hot around the web. Stay tuned to Cippin on Sports all week for more Super Bowl coverage. Coming up later today is the top 10 Super Bowl Commercials.

  • See what it’s like to be in Michael Vick’s shoes on the football field. (NFL.com)
  • Who made the All-Intangible team? (Yahoo! Sports)
  • The most exciting teams and what were the most exciting games this season. (WSJ)
  • Who has the most Super Bowl while doing the least? (Fifth Down)
  • Aaron Rodgers got some advice for following a legend from Steve Young. (SI)
  • Football fans need to look in the mirror. A great read. (The Awl)
  • A good read on the mathematics of sports gambling. (The Atlantic)
  • The commercial the NFLPA produced for the Super Bowl. (Read and React)
  • An official site for Super Bowl tweets? (Media Memo)

NFL Quick Slants: 1/31

1230drugs538340 NFL Quick Slants: 1/31

The top reads from around the web on this Monday of Super Bowl Week. Stay tuned to Cippin on Sports all week for more Super Bowl coverage.

  • The 2010 NFL Season: Wired Up (NFL.com)
  • Real Sports profiles Peter King of SI (HBO Real Sports)
  • An in-depth look at the growing danger of concussions. A must read. (Esquire)
  • The week in quotes. (Football Outsiders)
  • You won’t believe who the NFL career leader in passer rating is. (NBC Sports)
  • Retired NFL players are abusing painkillers. (Outside the Lines)
  • Don’t worry your team isn’t in the Super Bowl. An optimistic outlook for every AFC team. (Pro Football Focus)

NFL Quick Slants: 1/26

al davis NFL Quick Slants: 1/26

Here are some of the best football related reads from around the internet. If you have a link you would like to see featured here send a tip to chris@cippinonsports.com


Week 9 Quick Hit Thoughts: Ryan, McCoy, Rivers and More

dal u phillips01 576 Week 9 Quick Hit Thoughts: Ryan, McCoy, Rivers and More

Thoughts, observations, rants, insights, and more from Week 9 in the NFL.

  • The Buccaneers may not be the best team in the NFC after all, but they proved they are a contender this year on Sunday. The Falcons are a different team at home, plus they were coming off their bye. Coming within a failed fourth down conversion is quite the accomplishment for a young Bucs team.
  • With that said, Matt Ryan is now 17-1 at home in his career. It’s going to be tough to continue that streak when the Ravens come to town on Thursday night.
  • Speaking of the Ravens, that was a dominating performance over the Dolphins. The Ravens didn’t punt once all game and the one time they lined up to punt they faked it and converted.
  • All 4 of the Dolphins losses have come against the AFC’s elite: Ravens, Jets, Pats, Steelers. Understandable yes, but your not a playoff caliber team if you can’t beat any of them. Could the Dolphins turn back to Chad Pennington with Chad Henne struggling?
  • With Pennington in mind, one young quarterback remind me of him: Colt McCoy. He’s not going to fill the stat sheet or throw deep, but he’ll be accurate and minimize mistakes.
  • Congrats to Eric Mangini for getting revenge on former boss and menotr Bill Belichick. Mangini gets another shot for revenge this week against the Jets.
  • The robbery that was the Peyton Hillis for Brady Quinn might go down as the worst move of the Josh McDaniels era. Hillis is thriving while the Broncos are dead last in the league in rushing.
  • Phillip Rivers is finally starting to get the attention he deserves. The man is playing out of his mind throwing to guys no one has heard of. Just look at his numbers. The man has a career QB rating of 96.9. That’s only the best all time of all quarterbacks with at least 1,500 attempts. ALL TIME!
  • Brett Favre threw for a career high 446 yards in the Vikings comeback win over the Cardinals. How is that his career high? The man’s been playing for 20 years! Plus it’s only the second time he’s ever thrown for 400 yards. How did we not know this!
  • Also it was nice to finally see Jared Allen show up. The 2.5 sacks and 6 QB hits were long overdue. Judging on his stats entering Sunday (1.5 sacks), you’d think he was the one skipping training camp.
  • Did anybody think Charlie Whitehurst in Seattle was a good idea? Anybody? Buehler? Buehler? I didn’t think so.
  • Did we ever think we would say the Panthers could use Jake Delhomme again?
  • The Houston Texans are a fun team to watch, but will we ever see them in the playoffs? After a promising 3-1 start, they’re 4-4 in a tough AFC South. Plus 5 of their next six are against the Jets, Titans (twice), Eagles, and Ravens. Looks like Gary Kubiak will be looking for a new job come January.
  • Where do the Colts get these players or is Peyton Manning that good? Jacob Tamme is doing his best Dallas Clark impression and then some.
  • The sequel to Revis Island is finally here. Calvin Johnson was at the midnight showing. The results: 1 catch, 13 yards.
  • Getting hurt once is unavoidable, twice is acceptable, but three times and there’s a problem. Especially if it’s within the first season and half of your career. Stafford’s stats: 13 games played and 11 missed. And in two of three games he did start this season, he didn’t finish. Detroit fans can officially start worrying about Matthew Stafford. Just another sign that God hates Detroit.
  • What happened to Mike Jenkins? In 2009, he was a Pro Bowl corner. This season he looks like an undrafted free agent. His attempt (can you even call it that) to tackle James Jones on his touchdown reception was downright pathetic. Also, his stats at that point: thrown at 8 times for 8 completions, 94 yards and a touchdown.
  • Staying on the Cowboys, firing Wade Phillips was the right move, but Jason Garrett? Really? He was in total control of the offense. He was just as much to blame. Garrett has to feel stupid though. He turned down two coaching gigs (Baltimore, Atlanta) because he thought he was the coach in waiting in Dallas. Now, he’s probably going to find himself without a job come January.
  • I’m all for the NFL cracking down on helmet to helmet hits, but if your not going to suspend Nick Collins for his blatant helmet to helmet hit on Roy Williams then what’s the line? That’s as blatant as it’s probaly going to get and all Collins got was a $50,000 fine.
  • All I’m asking for is consistency Roger Goodell.

That will do it for Week 9. Make sure to come back next week for another edition.

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