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NFL Lockout Is Over: Everything You Need to Know

smith goodell 584 NFL Lockout Is Over: Everything You Need to Know

After 132 excruciating days, the NFL Lockout is over. Today, the NFLPA agreed to a the CBA that was voted on by the owners last week, effectively ending the NFL Lockout.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and NFL Players Association executive director DeMaurice Smith held a joint press conference in Washington earlier today, announcing the new 10-year agreement. “It’s been a long time coming,” Goodell said. “Football is back and that’s the good news.”

I have to apologize for the lack of activity over the past few months, but I didn’t want to write posts about the lawsuits, the 8th Circuit Courts, mediators, and DeMaurice Smith’s hats. I could go on about the absurdness of the NFL Lockout, but I’ll save that for another time.

The NFL Is back and it’s time to celebrate. I assembled a bunch of links to get you educated on the new NFL CBA and what is going to happen in the coming days, plus celebrate the return of the NFL. (Come back everyday for new and fresh material. I’ll keep you up to date on the frenzy that is about to take place starting tomorrow.)

This is a good article that sums up the new NFL CBA in a nutshell.

This is a handy calendar outlining the key dates and events for the abridged NFL offseason.

The Evolution of the Touchdown Dance:

0 NFL Lockout Is Over: Everything You Need to Know

Find out when your favorite team kicks off training camp.

Great gesture by Indianapolis Colts center Jeff Saturday, individually thanking New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

0 NFL Lockout Is Over: Everything You Need to Know

In case you wanted to relive the NFL Lockout, a timeline of how we got here.

Don’t forget that Madden NFL 12 is coming out soon:

0 NFL Lockout Is Over: Everything You Need to Know

And finally … ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL??????????

0 NFL Lockout Is Over: Everything You Need to Know

Video: The League PSA – Demands

As we approach Day 100 of the NFL Lockout, the cast of FX’s The League is getting fed up. All we hear about is the owners demands and the players demands, but they have their own demands as well.


4 Downs: Super Bowl, Roethlisberger, and NFL Labor Talk

rodgers roethlisberger 4 Downs: Super Bowl, Roethlisberger, and NFL Labor Talk

With the Super Bowl over and the news cycle a little slow, were rolling out a weekly feature called “4 Downs” in which we’ll take a look at 4 pressing questions about the NFL. This week’s questions deals with some post Super talks about the the NFL Labor Talks, Ben Roethlisberger, the Packers chances of repeating, and yes, even Brett Favre. If there’s a question you would like to see answered, email us at chris@cippinonsports.com

1stdown 4 Downs: Super Bowl, Roethlisberger, and NFL Labor TalkWill the Green Bay Packers Repeat?

Of course they can, but they won’t. They  have the talent to do so, but it’s just so hard for teams to repeat in today’s NFL. It has happened only once in the past 13 years. You just don’t see it  in the NFL. It is easier in other sports where they play a best of 7 series, but it the NFL its one and done and anything can happen in one game. Now, the Packers will probably have a better record next year, but that doesn’t ensure playoff success. New England and Atlanta were a combined 27-5 in the regular season and they won 0 playoff games.

2nddown 4 Downs: Super Bowl, Roethlisberger, and NFL Labor TalkSo all this Brett Favre Green Bay talk can finally end, right?

Yes, finally. Rodgers has now matched Favre in Super Bowls (1) and has a Super Bowl MVP to go along with that, something Favre doesn’t. Also comparing Rodgers first three years as a starter to Brett’s best three year stretch (’95-’97) and Rodgers has Favre beat in passer rating plus his dominance on the ground. When its all said and done, #12 could very well go down in the history books ahead of #4.

3rddown 4 Downs: Super Bowl, Roethlisberger, and NFL Labor TalkWhat now for Ben Roethlisberger?

Not to worry. You can’t win every Super Bowl you play in, just ask Tom Brady. He was one drive away from leading the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history, so you have to give him some credit for that. The man has a 9-3 playoff record with 2 Super Bowl rings and he’s not even 30 yet. Not many other quarterbacks in history could have said that.

4thdown 4 Downs: Super Bowl, Roethlisberger, and NFL Labor TalkWill there be football in September?

I’m going to go down on record as saying yes and here’s why. There’ just too much to lose for there not to be. The NFL is at it’s peak right now and it’s still growing, why would anyone want to disrupt that. Also, no serious negotiations will actually start to happen until the deadline. That’s the case with all labor negotiations. They might not agree on a deal before the current CBA expires, but it shouldn’t be long after that. Do you really think the players are going to let this drag on until Labor Day? If there’s no CBA, they’re not receiving any paychecks and more players than you think live paycheck to paycheck. You don’t think Anotnio Cromartie needs the money to pay his baby mommas? Eventually, the players will cave to the owners demands, it’s just a matter a when and I predict it will be sooner rather than later. One final word on this whole thing. Can the media stop paying so much attention to these negotiations. I really don’t care about what this side said or what this side wants, just tell me when they are close to a deal. I don’t need 24/7 coverage. Thanks SportsCenter.

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