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NFL Quick Slants: 1/31

1230drugs538340 NFL Quick Slants: 1/31

The top reads from around the web on this Monday of Super Bowl Week. Stay tuned to Cippin on Sports all week for more Super Bowl coverage.

  • The 2010 NFL Season: Wired Up (NFL.com)
  • Real Sports profiles Peter King of SI (HBO Real Sports)
  • An in-depth look at the growing danger of concussions. A must read. (Esquire)
  • The week in quotes. (Football Outsiders)
  • You won’t believe who the NFL career leader in passer rating is. (NBC Sports)
  • Retired NFL players are abusing painkillers. (Outside the Lines)
  • Don’t worry your team isn’t in the Super Bowl. An optimistic outlook for every AFC team. (Pro Football Focus)

NFL Quick Slants: 1/26

al davis NFL Quick Slants: 1/26

Here are some of the best football related reads from around the internet. If you have a link you would like to see featured here send a tip to chris@cippinonsports.com


NFL Needs to Protect Players Not Just Punish Them

101910 desean 397x224 NFL Needs to Protect Players Not Just Punish Them

DeSean Jackson laid motionless on the ground for several minutes after suffering a bone crushing blow from Atlanta Falcons cornerback Dunta Robinson.

Jackson was diagnosed with a severe concussion and reportedly suffered memory loss. This is Jackson’s second concussion in less than one year. Last season, he missed one game after suffering a concussion in a game against the Washington Redskins.

The collision involving Jackson, in addition to the Brandon Meriweather hit on Todd Heap and James Harrison’s two blows against Cleveland Browns all drew nationwide attention this weekend. The NFL has responded by issuing fines to the respective players and that starting this week will issue harsher penalties, including suspensions, for illegal hits.

We could argue all day about whether the NFL is taking the right course of action or overreacting. Certainly something needs to be done, but at the same time football is a violent game and the players assume certain risks by signing a contract to play in this league. Both sides have valid arguments, but I’m not here to discuss that.

Back to Jackson who stands 5-10 and weights 175 pounds soaking wet. He is almost certainly out for this week’s game (yet somehow he hasn’t been ruled “out” for this week’s game for some reason) and most reports have him targeting a Week 9 return.

If the NFL and the 32 teams really takes this issue seriously they need to protect these players. Don’t let a 175 pound receiver who has suffered two concussions in less than one year and is now more susceptible to suffer a third concussion return to the field in Week 9. In fact, I don’t want to see him play for at least a month. If you really want to make a statement, prevent him playing the rest of the season. However, based on the Eagles track record of dealing with concussions, I wouldn’t expect it.

The information about long-term effects of concussions haven’t been completely detailed, but the early prognosis has been anything but pleasant. The findings have been hard to stomach at times.

The NFL can suspend and fine players as much as they please, but it’s not going to suddenly completely stop the problem. Violent hits will still occur no matter what is done. That’s the way football is played and it’s how these players have been trained. That’s not going to change overnight and it might be some time before we see a significant change. In addition to what the NFL is already doing, they need to focus on the players that suffer from these bone crushing blows.

Start with something simple. If a player suffers a concussion of any sorts they must sit out at least one game. If they suffer another concussion, sit at least four weeks and I’m inclined to say eight weeks. God forbid three concussions and they’re out for the year. I realize it would be near impossible for the NFL to institute a provision like this, but that doesn’t mean individual team’s and their medical staffs can’t adopt something similar.

DeSean Jackson should be nowhere near the field come November 7th when the Philadelphia Eagles take on the Indianapolis Colts. If he is, it will show the NFL, the Eagles, and Jackson have learned nothing from this experience.


NFL Quick Hits (10/28)

It’s hump day today and to get you through it here are the top reads from around the football blogosphere:

  • Congress looks at the NFL concussion problem? (Deadspin)
  • Larry Johnson forgot to take off his diaper.  (BlitzNation)
  • Johnson’s comments brings up sexuality in the NFL (Fifth Down)
  • What’s the common denominator among the NFL’s cellar dwellers? (MMQB)
  • Is the Madden video game franchise getting a new name? (Kotaku)
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