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NFL Retirements Emerge as One of NFL Lockout’s Side Effects

rmoss NFL Retirements Emerge as One of NFL Lockouts Side Effects

Rather than trying to land a blockbuster deal in a much shorter window than usual, multiple NFL players decided to walk away from the game that made them household names this year. The limbo created by the lockout left many players in poor shape with little time to adjust to the resolution that allowed the preseason to begin this week.

Others just couldn’t find a team willing to spend the money to retain their services. Certain teams decided the conditions of the post-lockout world were more conducive to rebuilding their teams rather than reinventing them.

Retirement became a better option for some players than signing a low-ball deal with a team having little to no chance of making the playoffs this season.

The huge free agent pool teams had to choose from this year created a climate where player trades were outnumbered by acquisitions. Some of the bigger names were easy to get lost in the mix of available talent. Salary cap concerns were also likely a factor in causing some players to go out to pasture.

For Former Cincinatti Bengals Quarterback Carson Palmer, it was easier to leave the team and the sport for good than it was to deal with the team’s management. Having one of his top targets in Chad Ochocinco get shipped off to play in New England could have also helped speed his departure. Palmer was not exactly in the prime of his career, but he also wasn’t completely shot, either.

A bigger surprise was 27-year-old Linebacker Channing Crowder hanging up his cleats. The Miami Dolphins drafted Crowder in 2005, and he was slated to make $2.5 million with the team this year. They released him instead. He reportedly visited New England for a physical before making his final decision, but there’s no word that his exit is injury or health related.

As a Dolphin Crowder recorded 469 tackles (343 solo). The Patriots are still in search of a new linebacker or two after releasing Tully Banta-Cain, but Crowder is off the market. Crowder is confident that leaving the league is his best choice and told local Miami news outlets that he saved most of the money he’s earned in the NFL over the years.

Right Tackle Damien Woody quit the NFL earlier this month after 12 seasons as an offensive lineman. He has a geniune backup plan, though. He’s set to join ESPN as an NFL studio analyst. The former Jets, Lions and Patriots player is known for his quick wit and formidable size. He spent his last three years with the New York Jets.

Woody was drafted by the Patriots in the first round out of Boston College in 1999. He helped New England win two Super Bowls. This year he might watch and comment on them wining another one from the broadcast booth.

Polarizing Receiver Randy Moss had his share of ups and downs in the NFL, but there were at least two teams willing to sign him this season. Some saw his retirement announcement as a play to increase the offers coming his way, but when the Eagles and Patriots had talks with him none of the contracts they presented were appealing enough to prevent his leaving the league completely.

Moss couldn’t find a home after the Patriots let him go and replaced him with Deion Branch, but his teammates had nothing but nice things to say about Moss when he departed the squad. Moss himself showed great respect for his old team and likely would have been ecstatic to play for them again if they really needed him to. Signing Chad Ochocinco made that prospect much less likely, though. The Eagles were still showing interest in Moss even after his retirement announcement, but their recent signing of Ex-Giant Steve Smith pretty much eliminated any shot of Moss coming back this year.

Another NFL Retiree, Jerry Rice, will work with ex-Patriots Coach Bill Parcels at ESPN this year. Rice left the league a long time ago at the end of a very lucrative and long career. He ripped Moss for leaving so much on the table when he heard of Randy’s retirement.

Another NFL analyst will leave his media post for the field of play as one of the only players to actually vacate retirement since the lifting of the lockout. Tiki Barber had a positive workout with the Miami Dolphins and flirted with the possibility of signing with the Pittsburgh Steelers, but nothing is set in stone for the running back just yet.

The lockout resolution hashed out multiple contentious issue, but one problem still looming is how to take care of retirees. There is an ongoing lawsuit led by Hall of Famer Carl Eller that seeks to arrange for the NFL to share billions of dollars in yearly revenue with retirees as well as active players. If the suit is successful this year’s retirees could wind up collecting cash without even having to play a single snap.


Are the San Francisco 49ers the NFL Lockout’s Biggest Loser?

frankgore Are the San Francisco 49ers the NFL Lockouts Biggest Loser?

T 4 cap Are the San Francisco 49ers the NFL Lockouts Biggest Loser?he biggest loser of the NFL Lockout may end up being the San Francisco 49ers. The San Francisco 49ers might need to pull off a miracle to rebuild their defense after losing five of their top players before the first preseason game. Among the departures are three linebackers: Travis Laboy, Manny Lawson, and Takeo Spikes. Cornerback Nate Clements and Defensive Tackle Aubrayo Franklin will also play for new teams this year. Clements is the only post-lockout defensive casualty for the 49ers to be replaced so far. Former Redskin Carlos Rogers signed a one-year deal with San Francisco after Clements was cut from the team.

The 49ers also had some offensive hiccups to start the year after Running Back Frank Gore skipped four days of practice hoping to inspire contract negotiations. Gore is on the final year of his contract with San Francisco, but he’s adamant about wanting to be a 49er “forever.” Gore came back this week and will need to go into overdrive this season to make up for the heavy defensive losses. Gore missed the last five games of last year due to a hip fracture. This year Gore will be running behind a new center as the team also lost David Baas. They replaced Baas this week by signing a three-year deal with Jonathan Goodwin from the New Orleans Saints. Quarterback Alex Smith looks like he will be the one taking the snaps from Goodwin this season after inking a one-year deal to stay with the squad. Wide Receiver Braylon Edwards is bound for San Francisco from the New York Jets to give Smith another versatile target to throw to.

It’s not much of a surprise that the 49ers would take an overzealous offensive approach considering the fact that they have an ex-quarterback as a head coach now. Jim Harbaugh will have to make some more free agency moves to shore up the defense enough to allow his offense more time on the field to win games, though. Due to the speed of dealmaking these days, the best defensive players are already aclimating to new teams. Still, some standouts are still left waiting for new contract efforts. Acquiring a couple new linebackers could make Harbaugh’s first year coaching the 49ers a little more comfortable. Channing Crowder, Ben Leber, Rocky McIntosh, Dhani Jones and Kelvin Smith were some viable options still available as of Thursday morning. Seattle’s Lofa Tatupu could also be a new leader on their defensive squad with six seasons under his belt.

The 49ers need to act fast to shift gears to the other side of the ball soon, though. Team management’s spent too much time tweaking the offense and too little time securing defensive deals so far. If this squad goes into the regular season without making any more significant defensive improvements it could be an unbalanced disaster with all the pressure on the offense to carry the team. So far San Francisco could be considered the biggest flop of the free agency period. Their fans and players are surely hoping there’s more big deals to be made down the road.


Do NFL Fans Deserve An Apology From the NFL About the NFL Lockout?

nfl u goddell12 576 Do NFL Fans Deserve An Apology From the NFL About the NFL Lockout?Finally on Monday, the NFL Lockout ended after 132 days. In the end no football was lost except for the Hall of Fame Game. The owners didn’t lose any revenue and the players didn’t lose any game checks. So no harm, no foul right?

If you listen to Peter King then yes. This is what the Sports Illustrated writer had to say on the matter:

It’s horsecrap to say NFL, players have to “make it up” to the fans. Make up what? They got the deal done 45 days before the season.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck favorite Do NFL Fans Deserve An Apology From the NFL About the NFL Lockout? Favorite retweet Do NFL Fans Deserve An Apology From the NFL About the NFL Lockout? Retweet reply Do NFL Fans Deserve An Apology From the NFL About the NFL Lockout? Reply

Many fans were angered by this. The NFL has built itself as a 365 day sport and they just took it away from fans (their consumers) for 4.5 months at a time when the game was as popular as its ever been.

The NFLPA apparently thought it was important enough to apologize to the fans, so they released a video on YouTube thanking fans for their support and patience during the lockout.

0 Do NFL Fans Deserve An Apology From the NFL About the NFL Lockout?

So what do you think, the fan? Do you want an apology from Roger Goodell and the NFL Owners? Or do you agree with King? Let us know in the comments section.

Also be sure check out our tumblr site, 2 Minute Drill, for quick updates during this crazy time for the NFL.


NFL Lockout Is Over: Everything You Need to Know

smith goodell 584 NFL Lockout Is Over: Everything You Need to Know

After 132 excruciating days, the NFL Lockout is over. Today, the NFLPA agreed to a the CBA that was voted on by the owners last week, effectively ending the NFL Lockout.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and NFL Players Association executive director DeMaurice Smith held a joint press conference in Washington earlier today, announcing the new 10-year agreement. “It’s been a long time coming,” Goodell said. “Football is back and that’s the good news.”

I have to apologize for the lack of activity over the past few months, but I didn’t want to write posts about the lawsuits, the 8th Circuit Courts, mediators, and DeMaurice Smith’s hats. I could go on about the absurdness of the NFL Lockout, but I’ll save that for another time.

The NFL Is back and it’s time to celebrate. I assembled a bunch of links to get you educated on the new NFL CBA and what is going to happen in the coming days, plus celebrate the return of the NFL. (Come back everyday for new and fresh material. I’ll keep you up to date on the frenzy that is about to take place starting tomorrow.)

This is a good article that sums up the new NFL CBA in a nutshell.

This is a handy calendar outlining the key dates and events for the abridged NFL offseason.

The Evolution of the Touchdown Dance:

0 NFL Lockout Is Over: Everything You Need to Know

Find out when your favorite team kicks off training camp.

Great gesture by Indianapolis Colts center Jeff Saturday, individually thanking New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

0 NFL Lockout Is Over: Everything You Need to Know

In case you wanted to relive the NFL Lockout, a timeline of how we got here.

Don’t forget that Madden NFL 12 is coming out soon:

0 NFL Lockout Is Over: Everything You Need to Know

And finally … ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL??????????

0 NFL Lockout Is Over: Everything You Need to Know

Video: The League PSA – Demands

As we approach Day 100 of the NFL Lockout, the cast of FX’s The League is getting fed up. All we hear about is the owners demands and the players demands, but they have their own demands as well.


Plaxico Burress: 5 Teams That Might Sign the WR

plaxico burress prison Plaxico Burress: 5 Teams That Might Sign the WR

Plaxico Burress: 5 Teams That Might Sign the WR

Plaxico Burress, fresh out of jail after serving a two-year prison sentence is the talk of the NFL this week in the midst of the NFL Lockout. Burress, 33, last played in the NFL in 2008 with the New York Giants. After being out of the league for so long, does Burress have anything left in the tank? That will be up to 32 NFL teams vying for his services. Here are 5 teams that look like the early frontrunners for the services of Burress.

1. Philadelphia Eagles

He was wearing a Phillies hat as he walked out of prison; of course he is going to sign with the Eagles! Probably not. Not with a team that already has DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin, not to mention Jason Avant and Riley Cooper. At best, he would the third option and you don’t want an unhappy Plax on your team. So much for the Con Air connection (Vick to Burress).

2. Washington Redskins

We all know the Redskins love their free agents. And could you imagine the John Beck to Burress connection. The new Theisman to Monk! Also don’t count out the chance to play and piss off his old mates (the Giants) twice.

3. San Diego Chargers

Plax looks like he could be fit with the ‘Bolts. Malcolm Floyd is a free agent and Vincent Jackson might not be there as well. Plax is a similar type of player and could bridge the gap for a year or so. They have shown interest in Steve Smith, so they’re looking for a wide receiver.

4. New York Jets

Because you can’t mention a veteran, big name free agent wide receiver without throwing the Jets in the conversation. But actually, the Jets could be a good fit. The question is does Plax want the Jets? Would he really want to stay and play in the state that just made an example out of him and put him in prison for two years? Unfortunately, he might not have his choice of teams.

5. St. Louis Rams

The connection between Burress and the Rams is that Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo was the Giants defensive coordinator where Burress was on the team. I’m not sold on the connection though. How much, if any, interaction did Buress really have with Spags back in their Giant days? Plax doesn’t seem like the most coachable player so why would he befriend a defensive coach? However, there is a need and Plax would give them the tall, playmaker they lack.

So there you have it. Which team will sign Burress? If I had a gun to my head, at this point I would say the Rams. They can give Plax the most playing time and he gets to play with a young and up and coming quarterback. Don’t forget to follow me on twitter @cippinonsports for more news and insights.  Also, I’m sorry about the lack of posting recently. That’s what a combination of finals and NFL Lockout blues will do to you.


Whose to Blame for the NFL Lockout? The Owners or Players?

goodell smith 584 Whose to Blame for the NFL Lockout? The Owners or Players?

The NFL owners and NFLPA couldn’t come to an agreement on a new CBA by the March 12th deadline and as a result were in the midst of the first lockout since 1987.

Instead of dissecting the latest free agent signings and trades were forced to hear about litigation and the possibility that there won’t be any football come September.

(Note: I haven’t discussed the lockout much here mainly because this blog is supposed to be about football, not litigation. Just tell me when they finally agree on a deal. All this bickering back and forth has gotten on my last nerve, and I’m sure I’m not alone. But the worst part is, there’s nothing we can do to stop it. The league depends on us, the fans, for its business, yet it has complete control over us. Fan will still come back not matter what. They’ll still go to the games, buy the merchandise, and pay for Sunday Ticket. Were pawns in a chess game. It sucks, but it’s the reality of it.)

It’s hard to comprehend that a business that makes $9 Billion could completely shut down, but it has become a reality. Now that the lockout is official and the premilnary injunction hearing isn’t until April 6th, most of the discussion has shifted toward who is to blame for the lockout. The owners or the players?

When you look at the fundamental differences between the two sides, it clearly the owners fault.

Their making so much money as it is, but insist that they need to make more and so they are asking players for more money back while the players are perfectly content with keeping the same deal they previously had.

The players want more healthcare benefits and the owners response is sure, as long as we add two more games because we need to make more money.

Which wouldn’t be that big of a request if medical evidence hadn’t showed that playing football is much more dangerous that any one ever thought. And that the NFL blatantly ignored it for the past few years only to pretend to care halfway through this season. Just read about Dave Duerson’s recent suicide to get an idea of what some of these players are experiencing.

When  a former player shot himself in the heart and left a suicide note asking for his brain to be examined, what would be a normal response?

Cut the season to 14 games, add an extra bye week, add extra roster spots, enforce stricter concussion tests, etc. The list could go on and on. Yet, this information seems to barely register on the owner’s radar. It seems like all their worried about making more money than they did the previous year.

You can’t even play the billionaires vs. millionaires card because that statement couldn’t be farther from the truth. The truth is the majority of the players in the league aren’t millionaires. They’re living paycheck to paycheck like a lot of Americans. And because the greedy owners decided to lock out the players, they are now without an income. It has even caused one player to move his family in with his parents.

The owners were clearly anticipating a lockout, negotiating to receive $4 billion from TV networks if there was a work stoppage. Luckily, U.S. District Judge David Doty reversed the ruling, but this is irrefutable evidence that owners had a premeditated plan to lock out players and it can’t be ignored.

Despite all of this evidence, the American public actually sides with the owners. Pro Football Talk polled their audience on who they blamed for the NFL lockout and the results shocked me. In total, over 48,000 people voted and 38% of them blamed the players while only 24% blamed the owners (37% blamed both). Other polls conducted by The Huddle and Mile High Report revealed similar results.

The only response I had was why? Why do so many people blame the players for the lockout?

I’d love to hear some arguments in the comments.



The 2011 NFL Lockout: The Rich Get Richer

alg demaurice smith The 2011 NFL Lockout: The Rich Get Richer

With two weeks of the NFL season now under our belt the excitement of the game has once again captured hearts around the nation but how long will football be here for us to enjoy?

The majority of the NFL media seem to be glossing over the idea that there may not be a 2011 NFL season due to the impending lockout which would effectively halt football as we know it. The current negotiations between the NFL owners and the NFL Players Association over the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) are both non-formative and scathing. The NFLPA points at the owners for exploiting the players to line their own pockets without looking out for the needs of the players while the owners claim that the players are receiving exorbitant contracts that are deteriorating the owners’ ability to effectively run a franchise in a depressed economy. Here we’ll delve into some more specific arguments and needs on each side of the proverbial fence:

The Players:

The Players would be happy to settle for the status quo. Currently the players receive nearly 60% of all revenues that come into the franchise’s bank accounts and rookies are making more money than ever. Their few points of contention stem from benefit packages and wealth distribution between veterans and rookies. Players would like to see better more complete care for retired NFL players as well as more protection against football related injuries. The players are obstinately opposed to the expansion of the NFL season to 18 games which would further strain the already taxing NFL season but this expansion looks like it will more than likely take place in order to compensate for falling NFL revenues overall due to economic decline.

Also veteran players would not be opposed to a rookie pay scale that would better distribute contract money between veterans and rookies, thereby cutting back on the money given to unproven rookies and boosting veteran contracts.

When all is said and done the players simply refuse to take a pay cut and will not bend to the owners’ economic cries for help.

The Owners:

The owners claim that revenues are down and costs are up. They are clamoring for a rookie pay scale that would curb rookie contract spending. They would also like to see an expansion to an 18 game season that would force TV networks to pony up more money for game coverage and help beleaguered ticket sales.

The smaller franchise owners are in danger of losing their ability to effectively operate unless the economy turns around quickly or a new CBA is reached by next year so they will continue to press for a smaller percentage of NFL revenues allocated to players.

This argument and impending lockout could not only ruin the 2011 NFL season but even taint the 2010 season. Players will more than likely take the uncertainty of the 2011 season a reason to sit out towards the end of the season and not risk injury, especially on a non playoff contending team. Why risk injury for a team that will more than likely not be paying you the following season?

The NFL players already came together in week one during pregame warm-ups and raised one finger in the air as a show of solidarity to the owners letting them know they are not going to back down. The situations likely will not be resolved, if resolved at all, until early summer 2011 when the pressure is truly applied to both sides and hopefully they will see that no football is bad for everyone. Who is right and who is looking to line their pockets at the expense of our beloved game is for you to decide but don’t take the 2010 NFL season for granted because it may not be around this time next year.

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