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The NFL Season is 100 Days Away

“One hundred nights from tonight, football’s back”

Peter King

As part of his weekly MMQB column Sports Illustrated’s Peter King notes that the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys kick off the 2012 NFL season 100 nights from tonight. 


Do NFL Fans Deserve An Apology From the NFL About the NFL Lockout?

nfl u goddell12 576 Do NFL Fans Deserve An Apology From the NFL About the NFL Lockout?Finally on Monday, the NFL Lockout ended after 132 days. In the end no football was lost except for the Hall of Fame Game. The owners didn’t lose any revenue and the players didn’t lose any game checks. So no harm, no foul right?

If you listen to Peter King then yes. This is what the Sports Illustrated writer had to say on the matter:

It’s horsecrap to say NFL, players have to “make it up” to the fans. Make up what? They got the deal done 45 days before the season.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck favorite Do NFL Fans Deserve An Apology From the NFL About the NFL Lockout? Favorite retweet Do NFL Fans Deserve An Apology From the NFL About the NFL Lockout? Retweet reply Do NFL Fans Deserve An Apology From the NFL About the NFL Lockout? Reply

Many fans were angered by this. The NFL has built itself as a 365 day sport and they just took it away from fans (their consumers) for 4.5 months at a time when the game was as popular as its ever been.

The NFLPA apparently thought it was important enough to apologize to the fans, so they released a video on YouTube thanking fans for their support and patience during the lockout.

0 Do NFL Fans Deserve An Apology From the NFL About the NFL Lockout?

So what do you think, the fan? Do you want an apology from Roger Goodell and the NFL Owners? Or do you agree with King? Let us know in the comments section.

Also be sure check out our tumblr site, 2 Minute Drill, for quick updates during this crazy time for the NFL.


NFL Quick Slants 2/6: Super Bowl Edition II

nfl capers1 NFL Quick Slants 2/6: Super Bowl Edition II

Since it’s Super Bowl Sunday, were doing a double dose of NFL Quick Slants to get you ready for the big game. If you would like to see a link here, send an email to chris@cippinonsports.com

  • The evolution of the zone blitz. A great read. (Smart Football)
  • If filmmakers directed the Super Bowl. (Slate)
  • The two Super Bowl teams differ on safety issues. (NY Times)
  • The best Super Bowl food recipes. (SB Nation)
  • 10 Things to watch on Super Bowl Sunday. (Peter King)
  • A Super Bowl Mailbag. A Super Bag. (Bill Simmons)
  • Some easy prop bets to take advantage of. (Cousin Sal)
  • How Brett Favre aided in the Packers Super Bowl run. (Adam Schefter)
  • 10 types of fans at Super Bowl Parties. (SportsPickle)

NFL Quick Slants 2/6: Super Bowl Edition

nfl u roethlisbergerb1 576 NFL Quick Slants 2/6: Super Bowl Edition

Get ready for a Super Bowl XLV heavy version of NFL Quick Slants. If you want to see a link here, send an email to chris@cippinonsports.com.

  • Whose taking home the Lombardi Trophy and 5 Things I Think I Think. (Peter King)
  • Super Bowl XLV preview from the leader innovate football statistics. They like the packers. (Football Outsiders)
  • Another Super Bowl XLV. Again stat heavy. Only they like the Steelers. (Cold Hard Football Facts)
  • Yet another Super Bowl XLV preview. This one is much different from the rest though. (The Onion)
  • Is the Pro Football Hall of Fame selection process a joke and who should make the cut this year. (Jason Whitlock)
  • 10 ideas to make the Super Bowl bigger and better than it already is. (Maxim)
  • The truth about what goes down during Super Bowl Week. (Deadspin)

NFL Quick Slants: 1/31

1230drugs538340 NFL Quick Slants: 1/31

The top reads from around the web on this Monday of Super Bowl Week. Stay tuned to Cippin on Sports all week for more Super Bowl coverage.

  • The 2010 NFL Season: Wired Up (NFL.com)
  • Real Sports profiles Peter King of SI (HBO Real Sports)
  • An in-depth look at the growing danger of concussions. A must read. (Esquire)
  • The week in quotes. (Football Outsiders)
  • You won’t believe who the NFL career leader in passer rating is. (NBC Sports)
  • Retired NFL players are abusing painkillers. (Outside the Lines)
  • Don’t worry your team isn’t in the Super Bowl. An optimistic outlook for every AFC team. (Pro Football Focus)
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